Seeds, Beads and Blessings

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Seeds, Beads and Blessings

Story #1- Seeds

My mom has a way of honoring people who have passed away. I like to call it “Surely, you will be remembered:… because my mom’s name is Shirley! In Lieu of Flowers, she makes a donation to Heliotrope for Hospice, in a loved one’s honor, and I send a letter of acknowledgement to the family, with a packet of sunflowers seeds. I never know if they plant the seeds, but I feel like it’s an appropriate gesture to go along with the note of her donation … Recently my mom told me she heard from a friend who had lost her daughter about a year ago. She had planted the seeds! The plants grew, the sunflowers bloomed, eventually faded… the presence of nature, symbolic of her daughter’s birth, life, and passing- Back in South Dakota now, I sure hope she plants a summer garden with sunflowers.                                                                            IMG_0771                                                                                                                                                                                      

Story #2- Beads                                                                                                                                                               Back in 2015, my friend Sara of Black Lotus Design met a most spectacular person- Patty, the Mother of the Bride, for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. From the beginning, she wanted the reception flowers to be repurposed after the event. Sara mentioned Heliotrope for Hospice, and after the celebration, she and her crew dropped off the flowers. As I deconstructed the large arrangements into bedside table size, I took some pictures and emailed them to Patty, along with receipt of donation. She responded with an unusual request. What is my father’s name? She wanted to add it to her list of people she prayed for during All Saint’s Day! In almost 5 years since starting Heliotrope, no one has ever mentioned my dad. Patty had read Beginnings, telling the story of inspiration for repurposing flowers to people in hospice care. She is extraordinary, and she asked for my father’s name, to pray for his soul.    …rosaryOwen- my father,  Cy- the name he went by…

A friend of Patty’s had recently passed. His name was Cy…. A baby was born in Patty’s neighborhood. His name is Owen~

Story #3- Blessings                                                                                                                          Patty sent me a gift- this pair of the best ribbon shears! and she asked for a length of Heliotrope for Hospice ribbon, to add to her rosary beads, to pray for the people and souls who love flowers … rosary beads of love and remembrance~




On this weekend of Mother’s Day, I remember that life is precious. I am so grateful for two incredible women, my mom, Shirley, and a Mother of the Bride, Patty, who touched my life! The seeds we plant, the flowers that bloom and fade, the beads that remind us of each soul that passes-

these are just two stories in my heart I wanted to share with you~

Black Lotus Design


  1. Your photos “surely” do enhance your stories. Your words tell meaningful, personal stories . Thank you for sharing. Well done. All in the name of love, compassion and caring with beautiful flowers.

    • Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thank you for remembering and honoring friends with your donations to Heliotrope- it’s a special, unique way to share your love for them, and for supporting this mission of beauty. Love you so much!

  2. Your passion for Heliotrope’s mission continues amaze and inspire me, Diane. I love the sunflower seeds packet thing you do — the way you touch people’s lives means so much. Your ripple effect is far-reaching.

    • I love that- ripple effect! It’s true, the flowers touch many lives from original celebration, to me, to hospice care givers and to the person in care and their families… thank you for your support and words of encouragement- always!

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