Celebrating 4 Years of Sunflower Inspiration!

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Celebrating 4 Years of Sunflower Inspiration!

petals unfurling

Trending in the World of Flowers is like Trending in the World of Fashion… I think people have favorite flowers that they’re drawn to, not necessarily because of Très chic”, or the “flower de jour” but because there’s something about a specific bloom that resonates with their soul… happy… calm… thankful…joyful… contemplative…  mystified…. Every flower has a life cycle that matches our own- beginning, growing, blooming, fading… no wonder we are bound to flowers~

sunflowers and grapevine

So when I ask someone “What’s your favorite flower?” the response is a bit of a window into their soul…. Immediate? Hesitant? Thoughtful? Melancholy? Non-committal? Because the next question I always ask is… “Why?” if you choose a favorite, there must be a reason! Such a simple question brings up emotions and memories, if a person chooses to engage and share.  If you’ve got a minute, here’s a video of someone who REALLY loves sunflowers- it makes me laugh, this guy is obsessed! https://youtu.be/5hcZY174hJk

Crazy how, four years ago, when thinking about a logo to represent Heliotrope for Hospice, The Sunflower was my obvious choice! When you Google “Heliotrope”, you will actually find botanically, it’s a small purple flower… BUT when you break down the Greek meaning of the word, that definition embodies what Heliotrope for Hospice is all about…

Derived from the Greek words “helio” for sun and “tropos” to turn, “heliotropic” flowers can move, turning or curving (as of a sunflower head) toward sunlight. As the earth spins and revolves around the sun, the subtle movements of nature mark the passage of time, a powerful symbol of life.

the logo can represent a Sunflower… And also, an Abstract of the Sun– well, it was the perfect signature for what we do: celebrate life, every day… with flowers!


So on this Fourth Anniversary of Heliotrope for Hospice  I share with you my favorite flower, in many different varieties- A flower of complexity (perfect in Fibonacci’s Sequence of Ideal Proportion), Sunflowers are beautiful and humble. In gardens or floral arrangements, they can stand alone or play well with others. Check out the endless hybrids here, and there’s plenty more to explore!


plant a few seeds- in pots or gardens! Or buy a bunch from the farmer’s market or grocery- long lasting (get the ones that are a bit tighter bud and watch them bloom!) perfect in a short vase, tin can or coffee mug for your home or office 🙂

fun with sunflowers       shelter

From the first delivery of flowers to people in hospice care on July 24, 2011, my heart overflows with thankfulness to all of you who support Heliotrope for Hospice- for understanding what it means, and for knowing that a single flower can make all the difference in the world. Grateful beyond measure, I wish you bouquets of your favorite flower, whatever resonates with your soul- Get yourself a little celebration today!

sunflowers with votive blue birds

fun with sunflowers


  1. Happy fourth anniversary! So pleased to read your lovely post. You disperse hope and joy with your words and your flowers. The earth is laughing in flowers today. Thank you, Diane. Be well 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandy! I always love that quote from Emerson- one of my favorites, especially when I see sunflowers 🙂

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