Bring on the beautiful flowers!

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Bring on the beautiful flowers!

This past weekend was one of those lessons you learn when you feel overwhelmed- when you got what you’ve been waiting for… and you realize you just can’t handle it alone! It’s a lesson on trust, and reaching out to people that you can depend on.

The news of a generous bride, willing to donate her wedding flowers, is what Heliotrope for Hospice is waiting for… and when it happens, sometimes it happens BIG TIME! Thanks to LaVonne of Adorations Botanical Artistry, and special thanks to the stunning bride, Alexandra, who decided to gift a tremendous amount of floral décor.  So, I emailed out an “invitation” to help repurpose huge centerpieces into bedside table arrangements for people in hospice care… “just three hours on Sunday, of hydrangea, roses, peonies and tulips…” along with a promise of pizza!  then I waited… who would respond, I thought? who will give up precious, personal time to help with this task? and so the lesson of trust begins.  Truck full of flowers

The response was amazing! First, how to get the enormous arrangements from the venue to our destination of deconstruction? My friends, Laurie and Gail, drove their trucks to the site at 7:30AM, loaded up our vehicles to maximum capacity! Talk about some heavy lifting- wow, they are incredibly strong! transport, set up the room, distribute mason jars filled with water, unload arrangements onto the work tables… we wait to see who shows up…

Gail and Nicole waiting for the volunteers


 15 volunteers!  with clippers and floral knives- different skill levels, working side by side, learning from each other. My only instructions : “don’t use any wilted flowers, clean all the stems well, and give each bundled hand tied bouquet a fresh cut so the flowers will hydrate when they go into the mason jars.” again- Trust…that each person would do a great job.





student volunteers

more arrangements The result? 150 mason jars filled, plus extra vases! safely packed for transport- 175 bedside arrangements were delivered to people in hospice care!

cart loaded for delivery





 Thanks to my #1 A List: Laurie, Gail, Nicole, Abi, Marge, Joanie, Terah, Savannah, Noah, Ali, Jenna, Stephanie, Brandon, Arianna and Emy.

… bring on the big, beautiful flowers-                     Heliotrope for Hospice will be ready!

LaVonne's photo of reception table

                          (Head Table at Reception: photo courtesy of LaVonne, Adorations Botanical Artistry)


  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have those photo’s!! So glad someone was taking pictures!!

    Your words captured the excitement of our afternoon and anyone who reads this will feel your sincerity and commitment.

    We all will feel proud to have been part of the “circle of trust” that we built together.

    Love you


    • Yes, Gail was quick with the camera! and you say it best, circle of trust- isn’t that the truth?! such positive energy in the air- thanks for being there “mason jar queen” !

  2. Generosity…is truly the gift that keeps on giving. From the Bride, from the volunteers, from the visionary who started Heliotrope for Hospice, all your generosity flowed from one to another and wound up making a difference in 175 lives. Amazing. I hope to make that kind of impact in a year’s time! Be proud of what you accomplished and Spread The Word!

    • Thank you, my brother, for your continued support, personally and financially to Heliotrope! you touch lives everyday, with your integrity and excellence 🙂

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