A Touch of Ribbon

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A Touch of Ribbon

There’s something about flowers and fabric that go together- the complementary embellishment that happens when you mix two worlds of nature together. Flowers are a “Stand Alone” kind of beauty… Fabrics & ribbons are a Beauty of Intention- woven, crafted lengths of organic fibers, with purpose.

The bedside arrangements of flowers I make for people in hospice care are beautiful. Carefully gleaned for the best blossoms, they’re gifts of quality, repurposed from celebrations and events. But something seemed to be missing…

bedside flower arrangements


A personal touch… I’ve thought about this over the past years- how to add a bit of information as to where the flowers came from… do the recipients want to know? Does the family inquire? And after asking some of the Hospice Care Givers and Volunteers if this might be true, the response was “yes, people do wonder about where the flowers come from!” Since Heliotrope for Hospice is not the easiest name to remember, the usual response was “someone drops them off to us, to give to our patients” ! Not very personal, is it?!



Before, I preferred to send the flowers anonymously, no obligation, no concern to send a thank you note- just simply, flowers for someone who would enjoy a gift of beauty.

But people are curious by nature, and the question kept coming up- so my solution (thanks to my friend Laurie Walcott!)  was to add a touch of ribbon, embossed with just the name . If anyone wanted more information, with a key stroke at the computer, they could find Heliotrope for Hospice~

close up




ribbon attachment







So I decided to let people know who sent them flowers … I always thought it would be tacky to add a logo, a brand, or business card- thinking how awful it would seem to the recipient, as though I was marketing something!

yellow arrangement


But I missed the most important part, the simple point of it all! Flowers Are Personal. They touch your soul. And with a bit of twill ribbon, a personal Connection is made ~  

Whether thru flowers or festivities, I wish you Time to Remember … to Connect, and to give thanks for friends and family during this holiday season!

close up of  yellow


  1. Your “beauty of intention” is perfect. Jeez, I love the way you put words together. Thank you for posting again; I’ve missed that.

    • Sister, you inspire and challenge me to write more in the New Year- Thanks for your encouragement !

  2. D – your ribbon is so perfect – it looks good on every arrg. And it really adds a beautiful touch. The ribbon, the Heliotrope name on it, that helps the people who receive your beautiful flowers a chance to make that connection. To put a name to their feelings of gratitude.

    These flower pics are just gorgeous!!

    Love to you


    • Thanks, Marge! I’m glad you like the ribbon choice- it was a challenge to pick one, but I think it works pretty well 🙂

  3. I admire your intention and gift of flowers. I know how much pleasure they bring to me on a daily basis and I am grateful that the flowers from our Mom’s funeral service were re-purposed and brought pleasure to others. Your ribbons are a perfect, subtle touch!

    • Thank you, Fabienne, for sharing your mother’s memorial blooms, and for loving flowers as much as I’m sure she did. What an incredible garden she and your father must have in heaven !

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