Sun Rise just for You

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Sun Rise just for You




As the earth spins and revolves around the sun, the subtle movements of nature mark the passage of time- a powerful symbol of life.” ~Heliotrope for Hospice

IMG_8343For as long as I can remember- a keen awareness of time passing – it sort of explains my attraction to … suns! It’s not a creepy kind of obsession- just an acknowledgement of how our planet’s journey translates to me on a daily basis. How the passage of time connects to a “bigger picture”… how 24 hours can be experienced in so many different perceptions of time… slow it down for a sunset, speed it up when you’re anticipating seeing someone you love…

sun in the wind

When I see an unusual, or fun, or creative sun- I add another treasure to my “collection”. I’m particular about the faces, the details- usually a happy sun, or expression of contemplation…. never a scary or mean sun! … never one whose “eyes follow you” when you’re in the room!

I was talking to my friend a while back, and for some reason, I mentioned my love for long days, love for summer, love for sunshine and, of course… wonderfully crafted suns in metal, clay or glass! We talked about the logo for Heliotrope for Hospice, and why I chose a sunflower that also looks like a brilliant sun!


Not thinking too much about it, we had dinner the other night. Before we went into the restaurant, she  opens her trunk. There was this amazing metallic sun, that shimmered in the dusk – an incredible reflection of fading light shining off the face.


The next day, I bent the metal flames into a 3D sculpture, to catch the light from windows in my living room… It was just perfect!IMG_8332

So, here’s the deal… to have a friend that listens intently (even to the fine details of weird conversations about sun obsessions!)… to have a friend who- when you are with them- you lose track of time… to have a friend who shares her most personal journey of grief, of losing four loved ones  this past year… to have a friend when there are no words, only listening… intently… and silence is okay.

This is my perception of time-  whether the clock ticks slow, or 24 hours are gone in the blink of an eye….  there is a sunset and a sunrise, to behold.


Dedicated to Marge~ mind, body & spirit






















  1. Love you right back, Ann! Thanks for believing in Heliotrope 🙂

  2. How to thank someone for making you feel special – how to thank someone for understanding who you are – how to thank someone for being willing to give and to get – how to thank someone for letting you “in” –

    The only way is with deep and abiding love and friendship!

    Diane your words are so beautiful and meaningful – even if they are about me!!

    I am so grateful to have you in my life.


    • M- especially beautiful and meaningful because they are about you, my friend!

  3. Your inspiring words and beautiful SUNS in so many forms have created a SUN for me this dreary, cloudy, chilly morning. The sun will shine, the flowers will bloom and you’ll make sure they will continue to spread happiness and love. Love you, Mom

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