The Rule of Permanence

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The Rule of Permanence

mason jar with blossoms“The feeling that things of quality live on, regardless of their fragility, seems to be the rule of permanence.”  – Kelly, on Matter- the Material of Sculpture, Chapter 4, page 57.

You won’t find that quote very easily… since it came from a textbook on 3 Dimensional Design when I was studying sculpture so, so long ago!!  For some reason, I wrote it down…  And it still resonates with me.    Why does a college student take one sentence out of a boring, required reading assignment, and years later, still carry it with her? I know- strange!


How it relates to anyone that reads it- I mean, really reads it- is very personal.

Yes, it is a quotation referring to sculpture… but the permanence of fragility is a dichotomy…

It is the quality of fragile material, or in the quality of a fragile memory, that makes it permanent.

ranunculus, orchid, trick dianthus

Nature is at its best when you fully embrace it, even for a moment. By color intensity, intricacy of pattern or shape, contrasts of texture- our brains explore and delight in the sculptural elements of nature.  

So you might be wondering, how does this relate to Heliotrope for Hospice? Here’s the connection…  in that when we need our minds to focus, or find a calm within the storm, sometimes a simple flower will suffice. And in that blossom, there might be a permanent memory of beauty to console us, or to celebrate each transition in life’s journey.

close up

Dedicated to Tom Falk, who was fascinated by the unique and quirky sculptures of nature. (1935-2014)

Love to Julia and Tanya~




  1. Hi D – I cannot tell you how much meaning those words have as Paul and I deal with the passing of his Mom last week. Sometimes those fragile memories carry great meaning even when they are not pleasant. For instance, I always remember that she did not want flowers cut from her garden or received as a gift. She would only except plants.

    It is very sad to me that beautiful flowers, that mean so much to me, are not part of her final journey. But, I receive so much joy and meaning every time I am able to help Heliotrope. My fragile memories that last!!

    • Marge, please know my thoughts are with you and Paul at this time. His Mom had a lifetime of precious moments tucked away so very deep inside- now she is free. Always appreciate your help, generosity, and flower love with Heliotrope, my dear friend.

  2. thank you, sister~

  3. How beautifully you explain what happens within a person when receiving a flower or an arrangement. Or looking out my kitchen window and see the sunflower plant on my neighbor’s deck. Or notice the many blooming flowers when I go for my walks. Or the two resting orchids and two blooming orchids on my dining table. Thank you for creating and treasuring awesome “fragile memories” for so many.

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