Begin Again

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Begin Again

Resolutions! Everyone is in the the process of trying to fulfill those New Year’s resolutions! For me, one big promise to myself is to “eliminate clutter.” In my home, in my thoughts, in my life. So in an attempt to start this new year off right, I spent some time sorting thru the mess of a potting bench in the back yard. It’s the easiest area to start- gardening! Nature feeds, nourishes, replenishes us. Even as we re-pot plants, trim leaves, stack terra cotta pots or weed around bricks, we begin anew.

I came across some abandoned pots of bulbs, donated to Heliotrope for Hospice last spring from Trader Joe’s. I had cut the usable blossoms for bedside arrangements, and set the bulbs aside, intending to plant them in the soil. Time passed, and those pots were shoved underneath the potting bench, forgotten. But as bulbs will have it, they are patient….waiting for any sign to awaken the life inside, the stored nutrients intact to produce another year of blooms. With the recent rains and cold temperatures, the bulbs have sprouted foliage! even reproduced tiny new bulbs, clinging to the sides of the mother bulbs. Plastic tag denotes: Freesia!… another pot with a different bulb- maybe tulips?! I can hardly wait!

freesia and tulip bulbs


January is a month of change. I can see the daylight lengthen ever so slightly, from the short days of December. I am resolved to begin each day with less clutter in my head and in my life. The challenge is only possible if I take “small bites”, one task at a time-  even if it is just one box to go thru; one closet to organize; refocus to clarify; replace negative thoughts with affirmations. Whatever your resolutions, I hope you keep moving toward the goals you’ve set. Celebrate each day, be patient with yourself, and begin again!

bulbs and stone



  1. So true! Now for the inside! Remember us planting all your cuttings last Fall, to make new, healthy plants? That was a great day!

  2. Inspirational for me! Thank you! You’ve motivated me to BEGIN AGAIN. To stay focused! Your photo of Begin Again is exceptional. New life in those new tiny bulbs. Beautiful! How perfect for January – a new year.
    A re-energizwd potting bench! WOW! Nice!

    • we know how “clutter” is in our lives- glad you liked the post! thanks and love to you-

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